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Meet Liz

Liz Breadon is a strong progressive leader for Boston with a vision for an inclusive, equitable and resilient community where all can thrive. An immigrant from Northern Ireland, Liz is an activist and community builder in Allston-Brighton, her home for 25 years, where she lives with her spouse Mary McCarthy. In 2019 Liz became the first openly LGBTQ+ woman elected to Boston City Council. As a physical therapist, Liz gained a deep understanding of what people of all backgrounds and abilities need to thrive. Liz is a passionate advocate for the community, championing affordable housing, sustainable development, climate resiliency, reliable transportation, fair labor practices, safe streets, excellent schools, and good jobs. She led a robust COVID-19 response bringing testing, vaccines, food, supplies and rent assistance to the A-B community and doing outreach to 2400 isolated seniors. 

As a community activist, Liz joined with neighbors in the successful fight to save the Faneuil branch of the Boston Public Library from closure  and to develop the Presentation School Foundation Community Center, which are at the heart of the Oak Square community. Liz and her spouse Mary are passionate environmentalists who use their home to demonstrate how homeowners can conserve energy, decrease carbon emissions, and save money, all while caring for the earth.

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